Washington County mental health levy passes

MARIETTA, Ohio. (WTAP) – The Washington County mental health levy unofficially passed Tuesday night.

Washington County Behavioral Health Board Vice President James Raney is ready to put that money to use. He said it will continue to support local mental health and substance abuse treatment. It not only enables treatment to be provided locally, it also makes sure everyone, regardless of their ability to pay, has access to that treatment.

Raney’s seen the impact mental health programs can make. The first person who comes to his mind is one man who went through drug court.

“…, because of the drug court, he has, you know, changed his life and is able to have a family now,” he said.

The levy unofficially passed with 60 percent of votes. That means 5,543 people voted in support of  the levy and 3,726 people voted against it.

This was a renewal levy.

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