That “heat wave” the media said spread through southern Europe last week? Just more climate LIES –

That “heat wave” the media said spread through southern Europe last week? Just more climate LIES

A major climate deception spread like wildfire last week after the world’s major media outlets falsely reported that southern Europe experienced its warmest temperatures on record.

It turns out that the temperatures measured were ground temperatures as opposed to air temperatures, meaning they measured the temperature of the dirt or asphalt rather than the air two meters above ground, as is usually the norm.

The claim is that southern Europe saw temperatures as high as 48 degrees Celsius, or 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit, in places like Italy, Spain, France, Germany, and Poland. But again, this was ground temperature in some spots rather than air temperature, which was conveniently unspecified in most media reports.

In some cases, the media flat-out lied and claimed that the 48 degrees Celsius figure was the air temperature, which is simply false information aimed to perpetuate the global warming myth.

“Temperatures are sizzling across Europe this week amid an intense and prolonged period of heat,” one report read. “And it’s only just begun. Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Poland are all facing a major heatwave with air temperatures expected to climb to 48°C on the islands of Sicily and Sardinia – potentially the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Europe.”

A follow-up report from the same source did specify that the temperature readings came from “land surface,” and somehow the 48°C figure was magically reduced to 45°C.

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European Space Agency’s false reporting the “most intense climate lie since temperature recording began”

By the time the anomaly was identified and addressed, the fake news version of events had already spread around the world and solidified in people’s minds. Consequently, many now falsely believe that southern Europe experienced dramatic global warming last week that proves the climate is changing.

The only thing changing are the facts that get reported, as well as the way they get reported. It is all designed to mislead and hoodwink the masses – and by the time people figure it out, the damage has already been done.

The European Space Agency (ESA), the entity responsible for spreading the fake news in the first place, did provide clarification, albeit vague, about the difference between the two temperature readings.

“Land surface temperature is how hot the ‘surface’ of Earth feels to the touch. Air temperature, given in our daily weather forecasts, is a measure of how hot the air is above the ground.”

Notice that even in this explanation, the ESA still failed to mention that surface temperatures are significantly warmer than air temperatures. Readers will still be left with confusion about what difference it even makes to take temperature readings from the ground versus the air.

“What we experienced over the past days was the most intense climate lie since temperature recording began,” reported Germany’s Achtung Reichelt about the ESA’s sloppy and manipulative reporting. “The problem with that report is that none of it is true.”

The hottest it got in Sicily over the weekend was 32°C, or about 89.6°F. This is a far cry from the 48°C that was originally reported.

Spiegel, which also initially reported the false numbers, quietly changed the wording in its report to specify that the 48°C figure came from measurements that “were not the usual air temperature, which can be considerably lower.”

“It’s clear that the authorities and media tries to pull a fast one on the public, but were caught again thanks to careful readers,” reported Watts Up With That about the fiasco.

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