Scottish data shows that covid case rate is highest among fully vaccinated, lowest among unvaccinated –

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On January 11, U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky testified double-masked before the Senate Health Committee that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are “incredibly safe” and “protect us against omicron” and “against delta.” It turns out, however, that Walensky lied.

The latest data out of Scotland shows that the standardized case rate for the Fauci Flu is highest among those who took the two-dose (or more) injection regimen. Conversely, case rates are lowest among the unvaccinated.

What this trend suggests is a strong negative efficacy for the jabs, meaning the more injections a person gets, the worse off his or her immune system becomes – and the damage appears to be lasting, if not permanent.

Every week, Public Health Scotland (PHS) publishes a COVID-19 & Winter Statistical Report filled with data juxtaposing vaccinated versus unvaccinated health outcomes. The revelations are astounding.

The most recent report from PHS shows a clear rate of negative efficacy for the jabs. Immunity in the jabbed is on the decline, while the unvaccinated have the lowest rates of infection.

While the overall wave of omicron (moronic) is receding in Scotland, age-standardized case rates per 100,000 people are still high among the fully vaccinated. Cases among the unvaccinated, meanwhile, have been trailing off for at least the past month.

Oh, but there are far fewer unvaccinated people than vaccinated people, you might be thinking to yourself, so of course the numbers are going to be higher among the jabbed.


This would be true except for the fact that the data was already adjusted for this. All things considered, unvaccinated people had the lowest rates of infection out of the four cohorts, especially during the peak of moronic.

Even the triple-vaccinated are not any more protected than the double- or single-vaccinated. Only the unvaccinated seem to be protected against infection because their immune systems have not been damaged by the shots.

The data clearly shows that the unvaccinated had the shallowest “wave” of moronic when it first hit. The most-affected groups, conversely, were the double- and triple-vaccinated.

The fully vaccinated are society’s super-spreaders

Similar data from the U.K. Health Security Agency (HAS), which covers all of the United Kingdom, shows much the same in terms of the most problems occurring in the most vaccinated.

Once again, the more jabs a person takes, the worse off he or she appears to be, according to the data.

“Full stop right here,” reported The Blaze in response to this news. “Any public policy measure – from vaccine passports to discrimination – cannot be justified under the science, even if one’s conscience is OK with apartheid.”

“In fact, clearly this shows that, especially with Omicron, the vaccinated are the super-spreaders.”

Any claim to the contrary that suggests the unvaccinated are spreading disease is simply unscientific. Even the claim that getting jabbed helps to make infection less severe might seem plausible, but is actually contradictory to the data. (Related: Rochelle Walensky from the CDC, who constantly makes false claims about the benefits of vaccination, is financially tied to Big Pharma.)

“People like Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche have been warning that if you mass-vaccinate with a leaky, narrow-spectrum (only recognizes spike protein) vaccine in the middle of a raging pandemic, the virus would get more virulent over time,” The Blaze further reported.

“What is clearly evident both from the hospitalizations and deaths is that the double-vaccinated are now worse off per capita even against critical illness, and that pattern appears to be accelerating.”

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