People are starting to self-identify as “transabled” so they, too, can receive special treatment –

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The latest “trans” fad involves self-identifying as “disabled,” or “transabled,” in order to be treated like someone special.

Since the only people who seem to have value in America are non-whites and LGBTs, those who are not these things have come up with something different they can be that still qualifies them for special treatment in society.

“Transableism is a newer term for BIID, or ‘Body Integrity Identity Disorder,’ in which a person actually ‘identifies’ as handicapped,” reported the New York Post.

According to the same article, the point of changing the medical term BIID to the advocacy term “transableism” is to “harness the stunning cultural power of gender ideology.” This, in turn, will allow doctors to ‘treat’ BIID patients by ‘amputating healthy limbs, snipping spinal cords or destroying eyesight.’”

In other words, if you want to be special in today’s America but have white skin and are not a transgender, all you need to do is to simply declare that you are “handicapped,” after which you can then have your body parts severed in order to actually make you handicapped by force.

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America is swirling the toilet of perversion of self-destruction

In some cases, transabled people will self-mutilate themselves or ask others around them to mutilate by destroying a leg or other limb in order to seal the deal. Those with this particular mental illness, we are told, actually desire to be paralyzed, probably for the attention and special treatment they know they will receive.


Since it is now un-cool to simply be normal the way God made you, it seems as though everyone in America is looking for some way to stand out. Homosexuality is now passe, and transgenderism is quickly following suit. Now, the in thing to do is to wreck your physical body on purpose so you can pretend to be disabled.

If all of this sounds crazy to you, that is because it is. Destruction of one’s physical body and the profaning of natural law are both celebrated in the United States today, while modesty, acceptance of how God made you, and moral decency are all denigrated as “evil” and “backwards.”

In truth, there is no moral difference between transsexualism and transableism. Both are mental illnesses, for one. And both are perversions of what is good and decent and normal.

“It’s easy to see the same kind of mental illness that drives people to physically mutilate themselves in the transsexual movement doing the same in the transableism movement,” writes John Nolte for Breitbart News.

“It works like this: You think you’re a mistake. Someone who knows better but can profit from your trans status (a doctor looking for money, a parent eager for social status) agrees you’re a mistake, so … Let the surgeries begin!”

Now that the trans movement has taken hold, the sky truly is the limit. Expect to see people doing increasingly more heinous things to their bodies while being celebrated by the globalists who run the media, the government, education, medicine, and just about everything else.

“It all started with same-sex marriage, which has become the Pandora’s Box some of us repeatedly warned you about,” Nolte warns. “Look how quickly we went from, How does my marriage hurt you? to …

Boys cheating in women’s sports
Men in your daughter’s locker room
Men in your daughter’s bathroom
Teachers telling your children they are a different sex
Gay porn in schools
Drag Queen Story Hour
Teenage drag queens.”

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