India is poised to lead the world market in production of herbal beauty products

India has a rich history with herbal beauty and holistic wellness treatments

India has a rich and profound history with herbal beauty and holistic wellness treatments. Much of the world’s knowledge regarding the two arise directly or indirectly from the brief understanding of India’s ancient Ayurvedic Texts. India is inextricably linked to Ayurveda, and this inseverable connection will guide us to the forefront of the herbal beauty segment, in terms of production and setting international standards for commercially sold herbal beauty products.
However, “why is Ayurveda so revered, respected, and utilized across the globe?” This is a paramount question that will single-handedly reveal why India will inevitably lead the global herbal beauty segment. This question is best answered with an age-old story of the origins of the Vedas – It began when sages and common men discussed their experiences pertaining to the treatments carried out by them for treating some disorders. Gradually, these experiences were verbally transmitted from one generation to another. This tradition of orally transmitting stories was referred to as “Shruti” in the past. These shruti’s or stories were passed on from generation to generation and after due process and experience were regarded as unquestionable treatments for certain conditions. Later, the invention of scripts and written transmission of information – known in the past as “Bhrami”- led to the penning down of these stories and treatments, this collection of texts came to be known as the Vedas. Learned sages then taught the Vedas to their ardent disciples through lectures. These lectures were then transcribed and the collection of these teachings came to be known as the “Upanishads.”
This origin story of the Vedas and Upanishads is paramount to India’s leadership in the herbal beauty segment because of our accessibility and exposure to them. The Vedas and Upanishads together contain information on nearly every wellness problem along with their respective treatments. The comprehensive study of the Ayurveda and Upanishads even assisted many foreign researchers and scientists to carry out their research on Autophagy/Langhanam and become respected Nobel Laureates. If we were to refocus our attention on studying and truly comprehending our very own ancient scriptures instead of studying exclusively western methods for wellness, we might see India at the forefront of this industry within the next decade. The infinite wisdom and information present in the Vedas and Upanishads will be our key to opening the door to superior herbal beauty products and standards across the globe. Additionally, this position of leadership will attract several opportunities for economic growth and the financial welfare of the country as well. 50 years ago, India introduced herbalism to the world. Ever since then, it has successfully produced and exported sustainable herbal beauty products.
Using the information inherited by us from the sages and teachers who worked tirelessly to create medicines and treatments used to this day; we will take over the market in this industry and transform it into an accessible, reliable, and truly salubrious platform for herbal beauty and holistic wellness.
The writer is founder of Juvena Herbals.